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Giulia Galante Golinelli


Giulia Galante Golinelli is a graduate of Duquesne University in Voice Performance. During her four years in undergraduate, she studied classical voice with Professor Xiu-ru Liu. Giulia is avery dedicated and versatile singer/teacher. She speaks Portuguese, English, and Spanish fluently. She sings in several differently styles, such as samba, bossa nova, pop, jazz & classical, but her main focus was opera as an undergraduate. She has received the encouragement award from Marguerite Dougherty, and she was the undergraduate winner of the same competition as a junior. Giulia was a member of the choir Voices of Spirit at Mary Pappert School of Music, singing as a first soprano, as well as a soloist. As a teacher and educator, Giulia has worked at The Woodlands Foundation two-week Summer Camp from 2019 through 2022 as a vocal coach and teacher assistant for kids and adults with special needs, as well as a private teacher. She looks forward to develop her artistry and grow as a musician each day by offering her skills and knowledge to students who look forward to learn more about vocal technique and performing skills.

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