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Private Lessons

Monroeville Music offers 30- or 60-minute 1-on-1 lessons with a highly qualified teacher on a variety of instruments. Each teacher has their Pennsylvania clearances to work with children, and all teachers also offer lessons for adults. Whether you are a child just starting out, a budding musician looking to improve, a young adult who wants to continue playing or singing after high school or college, or an adult looking to pick up a new hobby or return to instruction, each teacher can differentiate the lessons to fit what you are looking for!

Private Lesson Options

To provide ultimate flexibility, Monroeville Music offers the following options.


*Best for musical development

*Continuous weekly appointment, with your spot in the studio and weekly time reserved month to month

*Tuition for 4 lessons automatically deducted monthly

*Roll over unused lessons to next month if you need to cancel (with 24 hours notice)


*Bought in packages of 4 lessons with particular teacher

*Scheduled individually- time/date is flexible, but your specific time slot is not guaranteed

*Flexible if you don't want weekly lessons

*Good for preparing for an audition or performance event

*Must be used within 90 days of purchase


*Drop-in lesson with no further commitment

*Try a lesson with different teachers or if you are not sure if private lessons are right for you at this time

Best for continuous musical development
No fuss automatic billing
Weekly time/day guaranteed
Lesson rolls over if you need to cancel
Good for preparing for an audition or performance
Expires after 90 days
Flexible day/time
Try with no commitment

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